Fitness & Health Education - Welcome
Fitness & Health Education -
Welcome to
of Hickory and Catawba County...
the Fabulously Fun Fitness
Program for children!
We have been educating Catawba County's preschoolers since 2007 and are now teaching over 1,300 children a month!! Our passion is planting seeds of good health in these children AND their families.  By participating in our Stretch-n-Grow programs, kids learn to exercise, are encouraged to make healthy food choices and along the way, adapt lifelong healthy habits!!  

We teach them to make their hearts happy through fitness, nutrition and kindness.  

We hope you will join us.
For Program Information, please visit:
Stretch-n-Grow Fitness
Funtastic Fitness for Two-Five Year Olds
Camp Fit
Bootcamp Fitness for School Agers
Dancing Stars
Creative Dance and Ballet for Three to Five Year olds
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Stretch-n-Grow Cheer & Muscle Song
This was how we began every morning at camp. It's amazing how much they learned in just one week! The best part of all, is that so many parents told me that they would catch them singing about their...
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